GCC Kimo is the professional partner of world-class companies looking for technology rental and leasing services. We offer the full lines of most network equipment vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, IBM, HP, 3Com and Check Point. Through our global channel partner network we are able to deliver rental technologies worldwide, and to provide full-service solutions, including technology installation and SLA-based maintenance. GCC Kimo has been a Neeco Group company since January 2010.

How to Rent

GCC Kimo Technology Rental is an integral part of the Global Business Platform concept introduced by neeco Group. Through premium services and an innovative approach, neeco Group is able to deliver complete ICT services and solutions to global network operators.

We are dedicated to the needs of our clients, as we know every client has its own specific requirements. Therefore, before we start any project, we seek to gain an understanding of our clients’ needs, so that customized approaches can be developed to address their requirements. Our aim is to help you build a more profitable, goal-oriented and efficient business. In order to meet this challenge, we must ensure the most effective use of your resources.

Once you and our solution experts determine that rental is the most preferable option in a particular project/ deployment, we will prepare an offer based on a rental payment model. No specific requirements exist as a comparison to traditional capex financial models, as we believe that maximum simplicity of operation is a key demand in any project.

Company news

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